Hi! I'm fullofmochis, but my real name is Carmen. I'm a Spanish artist who has been working for several years in the editorial industry and freelancing. I specialize in book covers, youth adult illustration and character design.

I have always lived in the south of Spain and currently I’m between Cordoba and Malaga.

I am a relaxed person and that's reflected in my art. I really like to draw characters in their daily life with comforting atmospheres. I want to transmit calm in my drawings, but also with a fresh and funny side.

This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been strongly influenced by all the anime I watched during my childhood and adolescence (and that I still consume) and all the lifestyle videos that I love to watch on youtube. I am a routine lover and the details that build us day by day.

Although I have worked in the last few years in the editorial industry, I am open to broaden my artistic horizons and accept projects of other kinds :)

contact me by mail: hellocarmenoc@gmail.com

autorretrato en un estilo infantil. Estoy en pose de caminar y sonriendo.